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Tongkat Ali



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75 Servings Per Bottle
High Potency 100:1 Extract



High Potency Tongkat Ali Extract
Several natural plant supplements exist which have shown signs of increasing testosterone production in the body. Tongkat Ali supplements (Eurycoma Longifolia) is one of the best known of these plants which has repeatedly shown consistent results over centuries.


Eurycoma Longifolia – tongkat Ali
Clinical studies have shown an amazing 44% increase in testosterone production from Tongkat Ali natural supplements, which makes Tongkat Ali one of the most effective natural supplement products available.


Testosterone enhancement achieved naturally while using Tongkat Ali supplements can provide anti-aging benefits without any adverse side effects. Both men and women have turned to Tongkat Ali to increase sexual performance and desire for centuries.


Tongkat Ali Increases Lean Body Mass
In addition to the sexual benefits of Tongkat Ali supplements, it has also been shown to raise the ratio of lean muscle mass in the body while simultaneously decreasing unwanted body fat. Tongkat Ali supplements can produce significant benefits for your body in several ways. TONGKAT ALI SERVES AS A SEXUAL HEALTH SUPPLEMENT, ANTI-AGING SUPPLEMENT AND ALSO INCREASES TESTOSTERONE LEVELS MAKING IT A MULTI-BENEFICIAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT.


Tongkat Ali and Male Fertility
It is worth mentioning that tongkat ali’s hormonal support benefits also promotes normal sperm quality. Sperm quality, measured by concentration, volume, and motility, can impact male fertility. In one study, seventy-five men who consumed tongkat ali every day were observed to experience significant improvements in sperm quality, improvements that lasted for months after the initial study. Almost 15% of the participants even reported new pregnancies.


Tongkat Ali Benefits
Testosterone Enhancement
Increased Physical and Mental Levels
Improved Muscular Ratio & Power
Exaggerated Sexual Drive and Overall Performance
Restored Circulation
Rejuvenated Energy Levels and Physical Prowess
Decreased Mental Fatigue and Exhaustion
Nutritional Formula


75 Servings Per Bottle
1,250mg (1.25 grams) Per Serving


Amount Per Serving
750mg Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia)
500mg Tribulus Terrestris (40% Saponins)


Optimal Dosage And High Quality
With 500mg Of Tribulus Terrestris and 750mg of Tongkat Ali our supplement is supported by the largest dosage per serving as well as the highest potency. IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT OUR TONGKAT ALI PRODUCT CONTAIS 100:1 TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT, WHICH IS THE MOST POTENT TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT AVAILABLE. With such a High Dosage and High Potency 100:1 Extract, this is the most beneficial testosterone product on the market today.


750gm Active Ingredient Per Serving
In order to receive the most out of our Tongkat Ali a minimum of 300-400mg is required. The problem is, is that most only contain 200mg. There are no benefits to the lower dosages. Our Tongkat Ali differs from the rest because it contains 750 mg per serving, so you can GUARANTEE that you will see BIG results!


Pharmaceutical Grade At Below Wholesale Prices
Because of our Extensive International Distribution Network, it allows us to receive our Tongkat Ali in massive quantities straight from the manufacturer. Due to our high volume buying power, this enables us to get both the highest potency and the highest quality products at below wholesale pricing. This then allows us to pass the savings on to you the customer!


Our pharmaceutical grade Tongkat Ali is Guaranteed to increase your natural Testosterone levels along with increasing your sexual drive and performance as well! If these are the types of benefits you are looking for then dont wait any longer! ADD TO CART!

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