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Ephedrine Diet Pills



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Ephedrine Diet Pills

Dieting is difficult because you may temporarily experience weight loss, although you will ultimately gain back the weight due to the decrease in your body’s metabolism. SUPPLEMENTS SUCH AS THE EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS CAN HELP ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS AND BE AN ESSENTIAL FACTOR LEADING TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.

Ephedrine is a stimulant that increases metabolic rate and fat loss. It increases your body’s energy expenditure that comes from body fat. Ephedrine is extracted and refined in China called Ephedra sinica, which is why you’ll also sometimes see it referred to as “ephedra.” It makes breathing easier by relaxing the muscles around the airways, traditional Chinese medicine has long used this plant to treat various conditions such as the common cold, coughing and the flu.

Ephedrine is found in asthma medications and works by binding to receptors in your cells that respond to chemicals called catecholamines, which include adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. When any of these molecules attach to cells, they trigger the “fight or flight” physical response, increasing heart rate, decreasing hunger, and accelerating fat and glycogen burning.
Ephedrine also helps reduce fat stores that are naturally more resistant to mobilization than others (“stubborn fat“) by increasing the activity in a cellular receptor known as a beta-receptor, which triggers the release of energy stored in the fat cell. Read More


Boost Metabolism
Our metabolism determines the amount of calories we burn, therefore controlling our overall weight. Increasing our metabolism by using the Ephedrine Diet Pills will significantly accelerate your ability to lose weight. The body’s metabolism is always at work, so increasing its rate will burn more body fat around the clock!


Permanent Weight Loss
Clinical research has proven that INCREASING YOUR BODY’S METABOLISM IS THE KEY TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS. Scientific Advances have revealed a number of Plant Extracts that naturally increase our metabolism. Our High Potency Ephedrine Diet Pills combine these plant extracts into one unique supplement that has been clinically proven to accelerate weight loss.


Burn Away Stored Body Fat
Our Ephedrine Diet Pills specifically target your stored Body Fat as a source of energy to fuel your daily activities. Only 20-40% of your energy comes from stored body fat, but OUR EPHEDRINE DIET PILLS WILL INCREASE THE RATE TO OVER 50%. By increasing your Metabolism and burning a higher percentage of your body fat, our Ephedrine Diet Pills will help you lose weight quickly and efficiently, while keeping off the weight for the long term.


Natural Ephedrine Pills
It’s important to note that many companies are selling the cheap synthetic version of Ephedrine Pills. Our High Potency Ephedrine Pills contain 100% Pure Standardized Ephedrine Extract, which is the Ephedrine Product used in all Clinical Studies.


Ephedrine Benefits


180 Capsules
2 Capsules per serving
1 Month Supply


Amount Per Serving
50mg Ephedrine (100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade)
100 mg Coleus Forskohlii (Standardized Extract)
300 mg Citrus Aurantium (6% Synephrine Standardized Extract)
900 mg Guarana (22% Standardized Extract)
150 mg of Chromium Picolinate
100 mg of Acetyl L-Carntitine
200 mg of Kola Nut Extract
100 mg of Green Tea Extract
25 mg Ginger Root Extract
150 mg E & Z Guggulsterones (10% Standardized Guggul Extract)
175 mg Yerba Mate Extract
388 mg of Proprietary Blend


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