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Tongkat Ali

  "Testosterone Sale" - Now 60% Off
Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Tongkat Ali
High Potency 100/1 Extract
Guaranteed To Increase Testosterone

Declining Testosterone Leads to Health Problems
Testosterone plays an important role in many bodily functions, so it's extremely important that Testosterone is kept at optimal levels. A large number of clinical studies confirm that Testosterone is one of the Primary Hormones that controls the aging process, SO HIGHER TESTOSTERONE IS A POWERFUL SOLUTION TO HELP PREVENT AGING.

As we age, the production of our hormones begin to decline at a rapid rate. The decline in hormone production is one of the primary causes for the Physiological Signs of Aging. Males typically have Testosterone at peak levels in their late twenties to early thirties, but then TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION DECLINES 10-15% PER DECADE. Declining Testosterone leads to a wide variety of medical issues that affect both Men & Women:


  • Improve Sexual Performance
    If you're looking to keep your body functioning in optimal condition, it's IMPERATIVE THAT YOU KEEP YOUR TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION AT PEAK LEVELS. There are many benefits obtained by increasing your natural Testosterone production: Improved Sexual Drive & Stamina, Improved Physical Appearance (more Muscle and Less Bodyfat), Higher Energy Levels, etc.

    Most men are familiar with the fact that Testosterone controls Sexual Drive & Stamina in the bedroom. Therefore, it stands to reason that increasing your Testosterone Production will significantly improve your sex life. A large number of Clinical Studies confirm that men EXPERIENCE A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN SEXUAL DRIVE AND IMPROVEMENT IN SEXUAL PERFORMANCE within 4-6 weeks of Supplementation with Tongkat Ali.

    Increase Lean Muscle Mass
    In addition to improving Sexual Performance, Clinical Studies have confirmed that INCREASING TESTOSTERONE SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES MUSCLE GROWTH AND INCREASES STRENGTH LEVELS. Testosterone controls Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention, and these are the two primary factors determining your Muscular Growth.

    Athletes that use Tongkat Ali have reported SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS IN LEAN MUSCLE MASS AS WELL AS DECREASED BODYFAT. After reviewing the Clinical Studies, it becomes quite clear that Tongkat Ali provides two of the most sought after benefits: Improved "Physical Appearance" and Improved "Sexual Performance".

    Increasing Testosterone Production
    Hundreds of Plant Herbs are researched every year in an attempt to find All-Natural solutions for the Medical Community. Two Plant Herbs have been clinically proven to increase Natural Testosterone production in both Men & Women. "TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS" AND "TONGKAT ALI" (Eurycoma Longifolia) HAVE EXHIBITED THE BEST RESULTS for elevating Testosterone Levels. Both Herbs are 100% Natural, so there are absolutely no Side Effects.

    Tongkat Ali is a plant herb from the rain forests of Southeast Asia and Malaysia, while Tribulus Terrestris is grown in many tropical regions throughout the world. BOTH HERBS HAVE BEEN USED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS IN THEIR RESPECTIVE CULTURES, although Tongkat Ali has just recently began to receive recognition in Europe and America. These two "All Natural" Plant Herbs stimulate the Luteinizing Hormone (the hormone responsible for controlling Testosterone production), THEREFORE LEADING TO INCREASED TESTOSTERONE LEVELS.

    High Potency Testosterone Booster
    This High Potency Testosterone Enhancement Supplement combines the two most powerful Testosterone Boosters available. A large number of clinical studies have confirmed that both Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) have the ability to INCREASE OUR NATURAL TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION BY OVER 30%.

    The results from over a dozen Clinical Trials confirm that Tongkat Ali is the most powerful Testosterone Booster available. Both Plant Herbs provides a wide array of health benefits, and they're quickly becoming popular among Athletes and Individuals looking to enhance their Libido & Physical Performance. Clinical Studies have proven the following benefits:

  • Significantly Increased Libido (Sexual Drive)
  • Enhanced Sexual Performance & Improved Stamina
  • Increased Muscular Size & Strength
  • Increased Energy Levels and Endurance
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved Physical and Mental Performance

  • Optimal Dosage & High Potency
    Our Tongkat Ali product CONTAINS THE HIGHEST DOSAGE PER SERVING AS WELL AS THE HIGHEST POTENCY EXTRACT. With 500mg Tribulus Terrestris and 750mg Tongkat Ali per serving, we guarantee this is the most effective Testosterone Supplement available.

    It's important to note that there are many different potency's of Tongkat Ali, and the results differ dramatically. Most Testosterone Boosters do not contain an Extract, so their potency is significantly diluted. Our product contains 50/1 Extract, WHICH IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST POTENCY'S AVAILABLE. With a High Potency 100/1 Extract, you can be assured to experience the Best Possible Results.

    500mg Active Ingredient Per Serving
    It's also important to note that AT LEAST 300-400mg OF TONGKAT ALI IS REQUIRED TO PRODUCE RESULTS, however most Tongkat Ali products contain less than 200mg. The lower dosages are not sufficient to produce noticeable effects, therefore optimal benefits will not be experienced. Our High Potency product contains a full 500mg per serving, so you can BE ASSURED THAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS.

    75 Servings Per Bottle
    1,250mg (1.25 grams) Per Serving

    750mg Tongkat Ali 100:1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia)
    500mg Tribulus Terrestris (40% Saponins)

    Premium Quality at Below Wholesale Prices
    Due to our Extensive International Distribution Network, we get Tongkat Ali in large quantity directly from the Manufacturer. This allows us to obtain THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS AT THE ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICES. We pass the savings on to our Customers, therefore allowing you to purchase 100% Pure Tongkat Ali (100/1 Extract) at below Wholesale Pricing.

    This High Potency TONGKAT ALI IS GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION  & IMPROVE YOUR SEXUAL PERFORMANCE - OR YOUR MONEY BACK. If you're looking to boost your Testosterone Production and Increase Your Sexual Drive, then why wait to start experiencing the benefits?

    Regularly Priced $69.90
    (Testosterone Sale - 60% Off)
    Now Only $29.95
    Boost Your Testosterone - BUY NOW

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