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Anti-Aging Weight Loss Sexual Enhancement Muscle Building
BodyBuilding Package

"BodyBuilding Sale" 65% Off
100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
2 Month Supply - Guaranteed Results

Accelerate Your Training Results
Scientists have spent millions of dollars researching & developing supplements that will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE YOUR MUSCULAR SIZE & STRENGTH! It's time that you take advantage of what science has to offer, and watch your Muscle Size & Strength skyrocket!

If you train with weights or you're athletically involved, you should be taking supplements. Although you can achieve results without supplements, it's a clinically proven fact that Supplements will DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATE YOUR TRAINING RESULTS AND IMPROVE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.

Gain 10-15 Pounds of Solid Muscle
The BodyBuilding Package was scientifically formulated for individuals looking to GAIN 10-15 POUNDS OF SOLID MUSCLE WITHIN THE NEXT 6-8 WEEKS. This package contains the most effective BodyBuilding Supplements in existence: HGH PACKAGE, TONGKAT ALI, and GLUTAMINE PEPTIDE.

Each one of these supplements produces excellent results when taken alone, but a powerful SYNERGISTIC EFFECT IS EXPERIENCED BY TAKING THE SUPPLEMENTS TOGETHER. These supplements work together in your body to provide an optimal environment for Muscular Growth. Here are the primary benefits you can expect to experience with the BodyBuilding Package:

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Protein Synthesis & Nitrogen Retention
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance
  • Increased Energy & Endurance
  • Improved Recovery Ability

  • Increase Testosterone Levels
    It's a well known fact that INCREASED TESTOSTERONE LEADS TO INCREASED MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH. TONGKAT ALI is an "All-Natural" plant herb that has been clinically proven to boost Testosterone production. By taking Tongkat Ali in combination with the other products, you're getting a powerful synergistic effect that will take your Testosterone production to the next level.

    Increase HGH Levels
    If you're familiar with BodyBuilding, then you've probably heard about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is a hormone that we already have circulating through our body. The HGH PACKAGE is the most effective HGH Releasing supplement in existence. Clinical studies have shown that HGH INCREASES LEAN MUSCLE MASS WHILE DECREASING BODYFAT PERCENTAGE. It also improves endurance, energy, and athletic performance.

    GLUTAMINE PEPTIDE ENHANCES RECOVERY ABILITY FROM INTENSE EXERCISE AND INCREASES HGH PRODUCTION. It also increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, so your body will be able to SYNTHESIZE MORE PROTEIN AND RETAIN THE PROTEIN for a longer period of time. This package contains Glutamine Peptide, which has 200% better absorption than regular L-Glutamine.

    Clinically Proven Results
    Numerous Clinical Studies have proven that optimal muscle growth is achieved by simultaneously increasing HGH and Testosterone levels. With the HGH PACKAGE, THE BODYBUILDING PACKAGE WILL SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE HGH AND TESTOSTERONE LEVELS. This puts your body in an optimal environment for Muscular Growth, allowing you to get in the best shape ever.

    Package Contains a Full 2 Month Supply

    5 grams 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine Peptide

    HGH PACKAGE (2 Bottles)
    60 Servings Included in Package
    2 grams (2,0000mg) GABA
    2 grams (2,000mg) L-Glutamine
    3 grams (3,000mg) L-Arginine
    1 gram (1,000mg) L-Glycine Proprietary Blend (Increases Absorption)

    ("High Potency" Testosterone Boosting Formula)
    500mg Tribulus Terrestris 40% Extract
    500mg Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) 50:1 Extract

    Pharmaceutical Grade at Below Wholesale Prices
    Due to our Extensive International Distribution Network, we have excellent purchasing power. This allows us to eliminate the Middle Man and purchase directly from the Manufacturer. By eliminating the Middle Man, we get the Highest Quality product at the Absolute Lowest Price. We pass the savings on to our Customers, therefore allowing you to purchase the Pharmaceutical Grade BodyBuilding Package at Below Wholesale Prices.

    Guaranteed To Increase Muscular Size & Strength - Or Your Money Back
    With the most effective BodyBuilding Supplements available, THE BODYBUILDING PACKAGE IS GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE SIZE & STRENGTH - OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Why wait to start experiencing the powerful benefits of the BodyBuilding Package? 

    If you were to purchase each product individually at Retail Price, you would be spending over $450. With the Package at below Wholesale Prices, you're getting a 2 month supply for only $149.95. THIS IS THE BEST DEAL YOU WILL FIND ANYWHERE. With the Huge BodyBuilding Sale going on now, the Package is on sale for the Lowest Price Ever. ORDER IMMEDIATELY!

    Retail Price $449.95 (BodyBuilding Sale - 65% Off)
    Now Only: $149.95
    Supplies Are Limited At This Pricing

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